Annänningar och attestor' .1. ang. inträde Anna?ningar och attester m.m. En attest,. 1860. 1860-1869. 1870-1874. 1875-1876. 1877-1882. 1883-1889. 10.


Certifikat för gymnasieutbildning - (från lat. attestor bevisar jag, jag vittnar) ett dokument om examen från en gymnasieskola i [från lat. attestari attest]. 1.

26 settembre 2019, 08:23; Attestor, in cantiere l'aumento di capitale per il rilancio di Bim. Previsto un incremento di circa 70-90 milioni. attestor translation in Latin-English dictionary. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Sharing is Caring. Spread the love.Attestation is defined under Section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act. It is the act of witnessing the execution of a document and subscribing the name of the witness in testimony of such fact. The object of attestation is to avoid the element of fraud, misrepresentation or force in … Attestation-Ingredients-Transfer of Property Read More » I can attest to all the positive things that have been said about Tunisia, a country where I worked as a medical doctor during the term of President Bourguiba.

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as in attester. as in deponent. as in testifier. as in viewer.

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To witness by observation and signature,as one who attests that another has signed a real estate contract.Contrast with acknowledgment,in which the signer states he or she signed the document voluntarily,and then a notary public or other such individual affixes his or her signature and seal as evidence of hearing the acknowledgment and witnessing the signing.

English. authenticated · documented.

Attester or attestor

The plural of attestor is attestors. Find more words at!

Attester or attestor

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Annänningar och attestor' .1. ang. inträde Anna?ningar och attester m.m. En attest,. 1860. 1860-1869.
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Only attestors can attest. No cheating! return $toreturn; } function attestor($id=-1) { if ($id < 1) { return "ett fel har uppstått."; } global $DB 

as in testifier. as in viewer.

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We are sorry, no example of attester's at this moment. We'll update soon this attester's Example in our database. Thank you very much  Affidavit. Attestation. Certificate. Declaration.

Lorsque le sujet du verbe est une chose, attester signifie servir de témoignage, Ce sont des calques de l'anglais "attester" (ou de ses variantes "attestor", 

Senast uppdaterad: 2018-08-20. Användningsfrekvens: 1. Kvalitet: Utmärkt. Referens: Anonym  quod veritatem attestor. Grekiska.

to bear witness to; certify; declare to be correct, true, or genuine; declare the truth of, in words or writing, especially affirm in an official capacity: to attest the truth of a statement. to give proof or evidence of; manifest: His works attest his industry. 1. (law) a person who attests to the genuineness of a document or signature by adding their own signature Familiarity information: ATTESTOR used as a noun is very rare.